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Linux + Windows HOWTO

Eric Womack - Conversion from HTML to DocBook 4.1 (SGML)

Revision History
Revision 0.1.12001-12-28
Conversion to SGML
Revision 0.1.01999-11-04
Collected from LDP
Revision 0.0.21999-10-21
First draft of Linux+Windows-HOWTO
Revision 0.0.11995-11-01
Wrote Linux+Win95

This HOWTO is aimed at assisting those who wish to use the features of both Windows and Linux on the same host.

Table of Contents
1. Overview
1.1. Copyright and License
1.2. Disclaimer
1.3. Intended Audience
1.4. How to Use This HOWTO
1.5. Concepts
2. Procedure
2.1. Reference
3. Choices
3.1. Architecture
3.2. Filesystems
3.3. Linux Distribution
3.4. Backup Tools
3.5. Compaction Tools
3.6. Repartitioning Tools
3.7. Formating Tools
3.8. Boot Managers
4. Actual Experiences - Adding linux to New Computer Preloaded with Windows 98
4.1. Configuration
A. Appendix
A.1. Frequently Asked Questions
A.2. Caveats
A.3. Tips and Tricks
A.4. Reference