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Thorsten Kukuk

v1.3, 1 July 2003

This document describes how to configure Linux as NIS(YP) or NIS+ client and how to install as NIS server.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
1.1. New Versions of this Document
1.2. Disclaimer
1.3. Feedback and Corrections
1.4. Acknowledgements
2. Glossary and General Information
2.1. Glossary of Terms
2.2. Some General Information
3. NIS, NYS or NIS+ ?
3.1. libc 4/5 with traditional NIS or NYS ?
3.2. glibc 2 and NIS/NIS+
3.3. NIS or NIS+ ?
4. How it works
4.1. How NIS works
4.2. How NIS+ works
5. The RPC Portmapper
6. What do you need to set up NIS?
6.1. Determine whether you are a Server, Slave or Client.
6.2. The Software
7. Setting Up the NIS Client
7.1. The ypbind daemon
7.2. Setting up a NIS Client using Traditional NIS
7.3. Setting up a NIS Client using NYS
7.4. Setting up a NIS Client using glibc 2.x
7.5. The nsswitch.conf File
7.6. Shadow Passwords with NIS
8. What do you need to set up NIS+ ?
8.1. The Software
8.2. Setting up a NIS+ client
8.3. NIS+, keylogin, login and PAM
8.4. The nsswitch.conf File
9. Setting up a NIS Server
9.1. The Server Program ypserv
9.2. The Server Program yps
9.3. The Program rpc.ypxfrd
9.4. The Program rpc.yppasswdd
10. Verifying the NIS/NYS Installation
11. Creating and Updating NIS maps
11.1. Creating new NIS maps
11.2. Updating NIS maps
11.3. Length of Map entries
12. Surviving a Reboot
12.1. NIS Init Script
12.2. NIS Domain Name
12.3. Distribution-specific Issues
13. Changing passwords with rpasswd
13.1. Server Configuration
13.2. Client Configuration
14. Common Problems and Troubleshooting NIS
15. Frequently Asked Questions