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Speech Recognition HOWTO

Stephen Cook


Revision History
Revision v2.0April 19, 2002Revised by: scc
Changed license information (now GFDL) and added a new publication.
Revision v1.2February 5, 2002Revised by: scc
Added more commercial software listings (sent by Mayur Patel).
Revision v1.1October 5, 2001Revised by: scc
Added info for Vocalis Speechware. Fixed/Updated various other items.
Revision v1.0November 20, 2000Revised by: scc
Added info on L and H and HTK
Revision v0.5September 13, 2000Revised by: scc
Initial HOWTO Submission

Table of Contents
1. Legal Notices
1.1. Copyright/License
1.2. Disclaimer
1.3. Trademarks
2. Forward
2.1. About This Document
2.2. Acknowledgements
2.3. Comments/Updates/Feedback
2.4. ToDo
2.5. Revision History
3. Introduction
3.1. Speech Recognition Basics
3.2. Types of Speech Recognition
3.3. Uses and Applications
4. Hardware
4.1. Sound Cards
4.2. Microphones
4.3. Computers/Processors
5. Speech Recognition Software
5.1. Free Software
5.2. Commercial Software
6. Inside Speech Recognition
6.1. How Recognizers Work
6.2. Digital Audio Basics
7. Publications
7.1. Books
7.2. Internet